Use case 2: Site-specific fertilizer recommendations

Product development:

A decision support tool that provides site-specific nutrient management recommendations for sustainable cassava production intensification in target areas in Tanzania and Nigeria

Overall goals

Demand-driven and participatory development of a nutrient expert tool that provides optimal fertilizer application rates for cassava systems based on site-specific biophysical conditions, production objectives and input/output prices; demand creation with service providers; mainstream approaches for adoption by public and private sector research organizations

Primary client

Extension agents of government, development organizations and private sector companies directly engaged with cassava farmers linked to input/output markets: Sasakawa Africa Association and Notore Chemical Industries PLC in Nigeria, and MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) and Minjingu Mines & Fertilizer Ltd. in Tanzania

Product development protocol

  • delineate project target intervention areas
  • review literature and develop a prototype (V0) modified from the Nutrient Expert for hybrid maize and based on the underlying recently validated QUEFTS framework for cassava
  • conduct a series of multilocational nutrient omission trials and use findings to parametrize and cross-validate models, integrate into spatial analyses to construct recommendation domains and refine tool (V1)
  • conduct additional series of nutrient omission trials and farmer-managed paired trials to confirm findings, validate and improve predictions to refine the tool (V2)
  • further refine, design and format tool to facilitate use by development organizations (VF)

Tool format

Software (desktop application and mobile app) + paper-based extension guides

Outcome goals

A DST for selected AoIs in Tanzania and Nigeria; analytical tools, approaches and protocols for tool development; updated modelling frameworks for site-specific fertilizer recommendations; ROI of the overall R&D approach; prioritized service providers use the DST

Project work flow

acaiUse case 2: Site-specific fertilizer recommendations