Use case 1: Fertilizer blending

Product development:

A tool that provides advice on appropriate fertilizer blends for specific (sufficiently large) cassava-producing geographical areas in Tanzania and Nigeria based on soil fertility conditions, cost of inputs and potential demand

Overall goals

Demand-driven, rapid and cost-effective procedures to optimize fertilizer nutrient composition for cassava production; demand creation with service providers; mainstream approaches for adoption by private sector research organizations

Primary client

Private sector fertilizer producers (and indirectly development organizations, extension agents and farmers): Notore Chemical Industries PLC in Nigeria, Minjingu Mines & Fertilizer Ltd. in Tanzania

Product development protocol

(to be validated and refined in a collaborative effort involving IITA, FUNAAB, NRCRI, ARI, CIAT, ETH and KUL)

  • delineate target AoIs for target selected cassava varieties with marketing potential
  • development of a prototype (V0) based on secondary information and expert knowledge
  • refine tool (V1) using soil analysis results and AfSIS maps, integrating information on cassava nutrient requirements obtained from nutrient omission trials (see use case 2) and GIS layers on market access and transportation costs
  • conduct a series of multilocational validation paired (+control) trials and refine tool using agronomic and economic criteria
  • design and format tool (VF) for use by private sector organizations to start pilot blending

Tool format

Software application and maps showing the extent / intensity of nutrient deficiencies

Outcome goals

A tool to optimize fertilizer nutrient composition for selected AoIs in Tanzania and Nigeria; analytical tools, approaches and protocols for tool development; ROI of the overall R&D approach; prioritized private sector partners use the software application

Project work flow

acaiUse case 1: Fertilizer blending