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About ACAI

African Cassava Agronomy Initiative is a 5-year project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to increase the availability of appropriate and affordable technologies to sustainably improve cassava productivity in the short- and long-term.


Develop and deploy cassava agronomy recommendation tools to intensify cassava farming, improve root starch quality and reduce the yield gap within a 5-year project tenure that seeks to engage 100,000 households and generate value worth US$ 28 million.


To deliver the necessary knowledge base and tools for accessing this knowledge to cassava scaling partners and ultimately farmers in the target countries while instituting the necessary capacity and skills for national system scientists to engage in transformative cassava agronomy.

Project Countries

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[features_list scroll_animation=”fadeInRightBig” scroll_animation_delay=”0.6″][feature icon=”fa fa-map-o” icon_color=”#843c0d” background_color=”#ffffff” animation=”bounce” title=”NIGERIA” margin_top=”10″]Nigeria is a Tier One Country where the research, development and dissemination is intensively going on.[/feature][feature icon=”fa fa-map-o” icon_color=”rgba(132, 60, 13, 0.64)” background_color=”#ffffff” animation=”bounce” title=”GHANA” margin_top=”10″][/feature][feature icon=”fa fa-map-o” icon_color=”rgba(132, 60, 13, 0.83)” background_color=”#ffffff” animation=”bounce” title=”DR CONGO” margin_top=”10″][/feature][feature icon=”fa fa-map-o” icon_color=”rgba(132, 60, 13, 0.83)” background_color=”#ffffff” animation=”bounce” title=”UGANDA” margin_top=”10″][/feature][feature icon=”fa fa-map-o” icon_color=”#843c0d” background_color=”#ffffff” animation=”bounce” title=”TANZANIA” margin_top=”10″]Tanzania is a Tier One Country where the research, development and dissemination is intensively going on[/feature][/features_list]


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To generate basic information on cassava growth and nutrient requirements to enable the development of improved agronomic recommendations

To develop site specific recommendations based on smallholder farmer resources and production objectives enabling farmers to reduce cassava yield gaps

To develop a decision support framework for development partners interacting with smallholder cassava farmers that allows bringing recommendations to scale

To develop scientific capacity within the national research systems by engaging them in transformative cassava R4D


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The Project

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[lead text_color=”text-light”]ACAI follows a demand-driven approach, responding to needs identified by development partners to develop technologies that fulfil those needs. The project develops technologies in the context centered around 6 use cases

A fertilizer blending decision support tool for the fertilizer industry

A site-specific fertilizer recommendation tool for extension agents

A best planting practices tool for extension agents or farmers

A cassava intercropping decision support tool for extension agents or farmers

A staggered planting decision support tool for year-round cassava root supply to the processing

Practices for higher root starch yields for processing industry.

Our Management Team

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Implementation Strategy

[bordered_divider divider_height=”3″ divider_width=”60″ scroll_animation=”fadeIn” scroll_animation_delay=”0.1″][lead]The project is organized into 6 work streams that are complimentary and interdependent to each other spread through the project tenure[/lead]
[features_list][feature icon=”fa fa-check” icon_color=”#843c0d” background_color=”#ffffff” title=”WS1: Strategic research on cassava growth dynamics, nutrient and water requirements”][/feature][feature icon=”fa fa-check” icon_color=”#843c0d” background_color=”#ffffff” title=”WS2: Geospatial modelling and development of Geo-information systems to support tool development”][/feature][feature icon=”fa fa-check” icon_color=”#843c0d” background_color=”#ffffff” title=”WS3: Development of decision support tools for the 6 use cases”][/feature][/features_list]
[features_list][feature icon=”fa fa-check” icon_color=”#843c0d” background_color=”#ffffff” title=”WS4: Facilitation of the use of the decision support tools by the target clients”][/feature][feature icon=”fa fa-check” icon_color=”#843c0d” background_color=”#ffffff” title=”WS5: Capacity development and institutionalization at national system level”][/feature][feature icon=”fa fa-check” icon_color=”#843c0d” background_color=”#ffffff” title=”WS6: Project governance, management, coordination, monitoring, evaluation and learning”][/feature][/features_list]

Our Partners

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Latest News

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