Product Development

Decision support tool for intensification options in cassava-based intercropping systems in Nigeria and Tanzania.

Overall Goals

Demand-driven identification of intensification options (e.g. planting densities, planting arrangements, types of intercrop, varietal choice of cassava and intercrop, combination of intercrops, fertilizer application, …) in cassava intercropping systems; situational guidelines on approaches to assess the suitability of intensification options that can be easily applied by public and/or private extension sector.

Primary Client

Extension agents directly engaged with farmers: 2SCALE, Sasakawa Africa Association, CAVA-II and Oyo State Cassava Growers Association (OYSCGA) in Nigeria and Farm Concern International (FCI) in Tanzania.

Product Development Protocol

  • Delineate AoIs and identify farmers demand on intensification options
  • Develop draft recommendations (V0) from existing literature on intercropping
  • Design and conduct field research on intensification options in cassava-based intercropping systems and interaction with environmental conditions and farmers’ production objectives
  • Consolidate findings into a refined set of options (V1), validate and refine further (V2)
    (Note: the DSSAT modelling component was dropped)
  • Extract limiting factors (socio-economic and biophysical), translate into a “question-answer guide” and develop VF to facilitate use by development organizations

Tool Format

Intercropping Practices Expert Application for crop advisors (software application, paper-based manuals and extension guides)

Outcome Goals

Decision support tool that offers intensification options based on environmental conditions and farmers’ demand and production interest in the AoIs by country