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Inhouse Planning Meeting for Nigeria – Ibadan Nigeria (7th – 8th Feb)

ACAI Nigeria team consisting of the IITA scientists, Implementation partners, Development partners, Research students etc. converged at IITA, Ibadan HQ to plan the 2018 implementation activities on the 7 th and 8 th February 2018.

The agenda included reviewing the status of research activities from the previous season and planning for the establishment of validation trials. The discussed methodology and modalities of carrying out the baseline survey and hiring enumerators.

The National Root Crops Research Institute and the Federal University of Agriculture in Abeokuta unveiled their workplan on various respective trials and training of extension agents within their networks.

The team jointly discussed data collection, sample analyses, use of the open data kit ODK, and the challenges being faced at different levels within the project and how to address them
ACAI students made presentations about their on-going research activities in their respective fields as well their workplan for the 2018 cropping season.

acaiInhouse Planning Meeting for Nigeria – Ibadan Nigeria (7th – 8th Feb)