About ACAI



We are ACAI

ACAI is a 5 year Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded project in 5 countries in Africa (Nigeria, Tanzania, DRC, Ghana and Kenya) aiming to increase the availability of appropriate and affordable technologies to sustainably improve short and long-term agricultural productivity in cassava in the target countries.

The Vision of Success of ACAI is to deliver the necessary knowledge base and tools for accessing this knowledge to cassava scaling partners and ultimately farmers in the target countries while instituting the necessary capacity and skills for national system scientists to engage in transformative cassava agronomy.


Information Resource

To generate basic information on cassava growth and nutrient requirements to enable the development of improved agronomic recommendations


To develop site specific recommendations based on smallholder farmer resources and production objectives enabling farmers to reduce cassava yield gaps


To develop a decision support framework for development partners interacting with smallholder cassava farmers that allows bringing recommendations to scale


To develop scientific capacity within the national research systems by engaging them in transformative cassava R4D