AKILIMO Cameo at the 2020 Nane Nane Show in Tanzania

AKILIMO Cameo at the 2020 Nane Nane Show in Tanzania

IITA team with Minister for Agriculture Hon. Japhet Hasunga (MP) and the Permanent secretary, Mr Gerald Musabila when they visited the IITA booth

ACAI as one of the projects under IITA with partners TARI, MEDA and local governments was participated in the 2020 Nane Nane farmers exhibition, an annual event for showcasing new technology and innovations that can transform the agricultural and industrial sector in Tanzania.

Tanzania Attorney General Prof. Adelardus Kilangi asks a question at the ACAI booth during the Nane Nane Show in Nyakabindi, Simiyu district, Tanzania.

The 2020 Nane Nane Show theme was Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries for National Economic Development with the ultimate goal was to share new agricultural innovations to meet Tanzania’s most pressing challenges of hunger, malnutrition, poverty, and natural resource degradation to improve livelihoods, enhance food and nutrition security, increase employment, and preserve natural resource integrity.

ACAI project was represented at all the five locations across the country including Lindi, Morogoro, Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar and at the national congregation in Nyakabindi, Simiyu district. The project hosted exhibition stalls showcasing AKILIMO agronomy advice tools in their various formats; how to use them and how to interpret their recommendations.

Dr Freddy Baijukya makes a point during a Q&A session with cassava sector stakeholder at the ACAI booth during the Nane Nane show

Visitors to the ACAI booth who varied from farmers business people got an opportunity to see different Akilimo contents such as the AKILIMO printable guide, the Akilimo app, and farmers friendly videos containing all AKILIMO use cases; the Site-Specific Fertilizer recommendations, Scheduled Planting And High Starch Content, Cassava-Sweet Potato Intercropping And Six Steps To Cassava Weed Management And Best Planting Practices.

Among the officials who paid a visit to the ACAI booth include the Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Japhet Hasunga, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture Mr Gerald M. Kusaya, TARI-Director General Dr Geoffrey Mkamilo, TARI Board Chairman Dr Yohana Budeba, World Vegetable Centre Eastern and Southern Africa, Dr Gabriel Rugalema, and Attorney General Prof. Adelardus Kilangi.