Psaltry International Limited Integrate AKILIMO tools into their Operations

Psaltry International Limited Integrate AKILIMO tools into their Operations

Ogunleye Taiwo of Psaltry International examining plants for pest damage at the company farm in Nigeria.

Fresh cassava root sorting yard at the Psaltry International factory in Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria

Psaltry International Limited (PIL) commences reviewing its operational plans to in order to integrate the use of AKILIMO agronomy advice tools. PIL, a primary partner in the ACAI project has been part of the AKILIMO research and development process since the inception of the project in 2016.

The new plans especially toward engaging with smallholder cassava farmers affiliated to the company will be rolled out sequentially to allow a smooth transition for the out-grower farmers of PIL, extension agents and field officers who interact with the tools.

PIL is a cassava processing enterprise that produces several processed products including cassava starch, high-quality cassava flour, sorbitol and glucose. The company works with a network of cassava farmers who supply roots as raw materials for processing. Agronomists and extension agents from PIL monitor and provide advice to farmers on better cropping systems to ensure high-quality product is supplied to the factory on a regular basis.

When the integration process is completed, AKILIMO tools will now be used to provide site-specific recommendations to improve both the yield and quality of raw materials supplied to PIL. The company has hired a consultant who will work with the PIL team and farmers to review, validate and identify the point of full introduction of the AKILIMO tools.

Yemisi Iranloye, Chief Executive Officer, Psaltry International Limited at the company factory yard.

 ACAI project will be involved in the transition process to provide technical support and gather important feedback to help improve and modify AKILIMO tools to fit practical field use and application. PIL is the first ACAI partner to fully align its operations along with the AKILIMO tools. The project will, therefore, be following closely to understand the extent to which similar processes can be applied to other partners working with the project.

Some of the other ACAI secondary partners lined for similar integration include Martna Foods Limited in Ondo State, Eagleson & Nito Concepts Limited and Lakatabu Food Specialties Limited in Oyo State, Crest Agro Products Limited in Kogi State, Von in Abia State, Promise Point (in conjunction with 2SCALE project) in Ekiti State and Harvest Feed, Thai Farms in Ogun State.