ACAI Trains Farmers and Extension Agents on Cassava Weed Management in Tanzania

ACAI Trains Farmers and Extension Agents on Cassava Weed Management in Tanzania

ACAI conducted six training of trainers (TOTs) events at various locations in Eastern and Lake Zones in Tanzania on the effective methods of managing weeds that affect cassava productivity. The training included directions on the proper use of machines for weeding, combining mechanical weed control and other weed control methods, as well as use and maintenance of the mechanical weeding machines.

Friday Ekeleme, Principle Scientist, Sustainable Weed Management Technologies for Cassava Systems from IITA led the training for 108 participants comprising of lead farmers, extension agents, technicians and officials from the Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI).

The training sessions included hands-on practical demonstration trials by participants in cassava fields owned by some of the participants. IITA technician Anuoluwapo Adeleke from Ibadan Nigeria who is also a mechanical weeding machine technical specialist gave a practical lesson on assembling the machine, its operation and maintenance.

The extension agents and lead farmers that received the training will carry out step down training for cassava farmers within their areas of operation. The training events were held in Sengerema, Serengeti, Biharamulo and Butiama districts in the Lake Zone as well as Mkuranga and Kisarawe districts at the Coastal Zone.

Among those in attendance was TARI Principal Researcher Deusdedit Mlay, engineer Oranasco Daudi, Laurent Aswile, Robert Ngomuo, Zakayo Machunde and Ally Ng’adoa. Speaking after the meeting, Mlay appreciated the effort by ACAI to develop the capacities of extension agents and local technicians to sustainably apply ACAI technologies after the project lifespan.

Speaking after the event, Deusdedit Mlay appreciated the ACAI project initiative to build the capacity of extension agents and technicians for a sustainable application of the ACAI technologies after the project has ended.

A series of further training has been lined throughout 2020 for cover all the ACAI project areas of operation in Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.