Best Planting Practices

Product development:

A decision support tool on best planting practices for cassava systems in SW Nigeria and Eastern zone of Coastal Tanzania

Overall goals

Demand-driven, rapid, cost-effective development of relevant decision support tools guiding farmers (through extension agents) in choosing best suited planting practices for cassava and intercrops; mainstream approaches for adoption by public and/or private sector in development (NGOs)

Primary client

Extension agents and farmers of development organizations: CAVA-II and Oyo State Cassava Growers Association (OYSCGA) in Nigeria, and Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) in Tanzania (with a focus on weed control – introduced in year 2)

Product development protocol

(continuously validated and refined in a collaborative effort involving IITA, FUNAAB, NRCRI, ARI, CIAT, ETH and KUL)

  • identify planting practices that contribute to maximizing cassava root yields, conserve the natural resource base and require least labour and capital investment
  • develop draft recommendations from existing literature on best planting practices (V0)
  • define AoIs for compatible planting practices to support cassava intensification
  • establish the status quo of cassava production through “crowd sourcing” of cropping practices and related yield data; include soil sampling at yield mapping locations
  • design and conduct field research on best combinations of planting practices including tillage, ridging, planting densities and fertilizer application to develop V1
  • validation in subsequent season
  • design and format tool to facilitate use by development organizations (VF)

Tool format


Best planting practices cassava - Hectare

Best planting practices cassava - Acre


Best planting practices cassava - Hectare

Best planting practices cassava - Acre

Akilimo Mobile App

Akilimo - IITA
Akilimo - IITA
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Outcome goals

Best planting practices for selected AoIs by country; protocol for optimal planting density by variety and system, optimal tillage regime by soil conditions and fertilizer use

Project work flow

acaiBest Planting Practices