Product Development

A decision support tool that provides recommendations on staggered planting practices to ensure a more continuous supply of cassava fresh roots to the processing industry in key areas in Tanzania (and Nigeria)

Overall Goals

Demand-driven, rapid and cost-effective development of a tool for staggered planting; demand creation with service providers; mainstream approaches for adoption by national research organizations

Primary Client

Development organizations / service providers working with farmers that produce for the processing industry: CAVA-II and Psaltry International Ltd. in Nigeria, and CAVA-II in Tanzania

Product Development Protocol

  • Delineate target areas and collate fresh root prices and transport costs
  • Assemble a draft version (V0) of the tool based on secondary information
  • Conduct researcher-managed trials and a first series of multilocational on-farm validation trials to assess options for staggered planting and delaying harvest
  • Use findings to parametrize and cross-validate DSSAT model, conduct additional series of field trials to refine tool (V1-V2)
  • Design and format tool to facilitate use by development organizations (VF)

Tool Format

Staggered Planting Expert Application for crop advisors (software application, paper-based manuals and extension guides)

Outcome Goals

A decision support tool for selected AoIs in Nigeria and Tanzania; analytical tools, approaches and protocols for tool development; ROI of the overall R&D approach; prioritized service providers use the decision support tool.

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