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ACAI Project planning meeting – Nairobi Kenya (30th Jan – 2nd Feb)

ACAI management team met in Nairobi from January 30 th to February 2 nd for strategic discussions around project implementation in 2018.

The meeting was attended by ACAI core team from IITA, representatives from the National Research Institutions from Nigeria and Tanzania as well the projects strategic Partners.

The discussions included;

  • A review of the project logframe and delivery of results with the set timelines
  • Organization and implementation of validation trials
  • Drawing workplan per workstream for 2018
  • Engaging and ensuring active participation of primary partners
  • Preparations for baseline survey
  • Project Staff structure

Other issues discussed include budgeting, ACAI students progress, project training and facilitation of training activities in the field, development of concise communication strategy with a designate flow of information.

The meeting included team building activities and a nature walk to the Kilimambogo Hills.

acaiACAI Project planning meeting – Nairobi Kenya (30th Jan – 2nd Feb)